A downloadable game

A Trick or treater takes up a dare to go to the scariest home for candy during a halloween night. Little does he know the house has more surprises waiting for him then he may be ready for. A Halloween Night is a visual narrative that takes the player on a short journey full of terrifying surprises. Get your rift ready, this is one ride you will enjoy.

Updates: Game is no complete-able even for those without a rift! Also added in some extra scares!

Lead Deisgner: Sean Pinnock

Lead Programmer: Shanan Dalton

Lead Artist: Marcelo Laborda

Programmer: Matt Hansen

Voice Overs: Richard Bowen

Sound Effects: Justin Gist

Install instructions

unzip and play the exe or rift exe if you have a rift. Have fun! This game was built by a small team of students!


BigAndSpooky1.06.zip 106 MB